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For ongoing optimisation, we offer a more in depth solution

For those looking for a more in depth understanding of microbiome dynamics, we offer a bespoke service designed to identify the driving force behind changes in your system and system-specific signs that you're about to have a disease event. We provide automated sampling equipment that collects a group of samples over a predetermined amount of time (be it days or weeks) which are then analysed with our proprietary AI algorithms for maximum insight.


In Depth Microbiome Analytics

1. Book a Call

We meet with you to understand your system and objectives

2. Sampling Strategy Design

We design a sampling strategy that works for you and your operation

3. Ship out Equipment

We ship out the sampling equipment and consummables

4. Analyse samples

We sequence and perform advanced AI analytics on the set of samples


Frequently Asked

We can collect and ID all viruses, both known and unknown in your water sample.

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