Disease begins and ends with water.

Take care of the water, and the water will take care of your stock. We provide you with all the tools you need to understand water health in your system that lead to microbiome imbalances. And it’s the imbalance of microbial communities that leads to disease events. These imbalances allow harmful microorganisms to grow, stress the animals, and produce toxins. We address the root cause of disease by characterizing the main drivers of health in your water: bacteria. Because once you can see that you have a problem, it’s far too late.

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Knowledge is Power

This graph demonstrates how frequent monitoring allows for early detection of rising pathogen levels. Swift reactions, such as adjusting water quality or implementing targeted treatments upon detection of an uptick, can prevent a catastrophic mortality event. This proactive approach prevents the rapid spread of disease, showcasing a decline in pathogen levels and averting the potential loss of an entire stock. Monitoring leading to quick responses significantly mitigates risks, ensuring the survival and health of the aquaculture operation’s stock while preserving profitability.


Popular Use Cases

Track Pathogen Loads

Catch pathogen outbreaks before it's too late.


Check quarantined stock for hitchhikers and avoid pathogen outbreaks.

Optimise Protocols

Mitigate risk and improve health with protocols optimise for your system.

Optimise Inputs

Tighten up your bottom line by tracking the performance of your inputs.

Monitor Biofloc

Make sure you're growing the right microbes, not the wrong ones.

Water Body Planning

Start grow out right with water that is healthy and ready for the rigours of production.

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