Metagenomic Sampling Kit for Water

Any Aquatic Environment

From fresh to seawater, we have you covered.

Full Microbiome Profile

We provide full detailed chart of all the species present in your sample, including gram positive and negative bacteria.

ID Both Known and Unknown Pathogens

Stop the expensive guesswork.

Includes Next Gen Sequencing

DNA extraction and Net Gen sequencing included, along with metagenomics analysis and imbalance ratios.

aqua genius

Take pathogen detection and water quality management to a new level of efficiency by shedding light on the very foundation of water health – the microbiome. AquaGENius metagenomic water sampling kits help you pin-point problem areas that decimate stock and drive up costs, saving you time and money spent needlessly troubleshooting.

Next Gen sequencing provides full visibility into any water sample down to the level of genus and species. Make informed data-driven decisions with rapid pathogen ID and system health feedback

Complete Sampling Kit

Each sampling kit comes complete with everything you need to quickly and easily collect a water sample, safely preserve all the genetic material, and return your sample to our sequencing lab for full Next Gen analysis.


Microbiome Imbalances

Imbalances Lead to Higher Risk

Imbalances are spotted between the phyla Bacteriodetes and Proteobacteria.

Phylum Overview

Proteobacteria vs Bacteroidetes

The first place we look for signs of trouble is at the phylum level. Water samples with Proteobacteria as the dominant phylum are at higher risk of disease and pathogen outbreaks. This is because Proteobacteria is home to almost all of the known pathogens that plague aquaculture.

In human health, there is a correlation between the obesity and disease when Proteobacteria is the dominant group in the gut. We are seeing the same thing in water.

AquaGENius provides this key insights into the overall risk profile of your water.

Pathogen Deep Dive

Complete Pathogen Load

Looking for a few key pathogens? You could be missing out on the whole picture.

Pathogen Insights

Disease is Complex

Detailed reports from AquaGENius include the identification ALL the pathogens in your sample, along with the total percent abundance.

Clear data visuals provide you with health and performance of your tank or pond to help you get to the root cause of imbalances in your system, identifying unknown problems, and provide valuable insights into the microbial drivers of health in your system.

Oftentimes, disease is not caused by just one pathogen, but rather a consortium. Do you have full vis into all the pathogens in your system?

Probiotics Deep Dive

Probiotics Panel

Species-level insights into the entire group of probiotics in your water.


Low Hanging Fruit

Don’t miss out on the many benefits that probiotics provide. Seeding tanks or ponds with the right profile of beneficial bacteria is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to improve water quality and suppress disease.

Are you using probiotics but aren’t seeing the benefits? This could be due to unfavorable conditions in the tank, a formula that is not optimized,  or bad product. AquaGENius provides key insights into this crucial aspect of water health.

Are your probiotics working? Contact use today to find out.

Frequently Asked

Yes. When you purchase a kit, you will receive everything you need to easily take a water sample and send it back to us, including free return shipping. We will then sequence and analyse your sample and give you the results.

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