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Luminis specialises in Next Gen Sequencing (NGS) microbiome profiling and molecular solutions for aquaculture and government agencies. We pioneer innovative ‘sample to answer’ solutions, which include DNA extraction, on-site indicative testing, and microbiome insights from water to soil. With our exceptional expertise and visionary approach, we illuminate the unknown to help support sustainable and thriving operations. We address the why, not the who

Luminis Water Technologies is a featured tech partner of IPI Singapore, Applications Partner with Oxford Nanopore Technologies, and winners of the prestigious International Life Science Awards, South East Asian Business Awards and the Singapore Business Awards 2023. Luminis Water Technologies was recently recognized at SelectUSA as one of the top 9 startups vetted globally from over 40+ regions worldwide.  

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Our Expertise

At Luminis Water Technologies, we offer unparalleled expertise in the area of aquatic microbiomes and molecular tools. Our team of renowned scientists, bioinformaticians, and aquaculture experts are at the forefront of their fields, bringing together a wealth of knowledge and experience. From fish health to water quality, our cutting-edge technologies delve deep into the intricate microbial communities that shape the aquaculture ecosystem.

We harness the power of NGS sequencing techniques, metagenomics, and machine learning algorithms to provide comprehensive insights into the microbiome composition of your aquaculture systems. Our state-of-the-art analytical tools can identify beneficial microorganisms, assess potential risks, and recommend precise interventions, all aimed at optimizing your aquaculture practices and guide coastal water quality management practices.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Rachelle Jensen, CEO

Global 100 CEO and Winner of the APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023, Rachelle leads the dynamic team at Luminis Water Technologies.

Roy Tan

Business Development Lead

Farah Azrini

Next Gen Sequencing Lead

Simone Low Luminis Water Technologies

Simone Low

Bioinformatics Lead

Advisory Board

Federico Lauro

Federico Lauro

Professor Federico Lauro
Microbiome & Machine Learning

Ayan Desai

Nalanda Capital
Market Expansion

Ian Brown

On Piste Capital

Our Science

Unparalleled Microbiome Expertise

Discover our tech startup’s remarkable journey through the world of microbiome research. With an esteemed team of scientists, we’ve consistently pushed the boundaries of knowledge in this field.

A Wealth of Publications

Explore our extensive collection of publications that showcase our deep expertise. These publications span groundbreaking discoveries, innovative methodologies, and practical applications.

Leaders in the Field

Our track record cements our reputation as leaders in microbiome research. We’re committed to advancing the frontiers of science and technology, and our publications are a testament to this dedication.

Publications Featuring Luminis Scientists

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Our Customer Centric Approach

Tailored Databases

Our custom databases are tailored to microbial communities specific to the aquaculture and coastal water setting.

Custom Bioinformatics

We built our own pipelines that give maximum insights to microbes found in coastal waters and aquaculture.

Microbe Based Insights

The answer is in the details. We get right down to the genus and species of each microbe found in your sample to give you the top-notch insights.

Molecular Based Solutions

DNA holds all the answers. All of our solutions are based on DNA extracted from your sample.