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Your System's Health Is Our Priority


Disease, bad water quality, and mystery ailments can wipe out your entire stock. We pinpoint problems early so you don't have to waste time or money guessing. Here are some of the many benefits that microbiome insights can provide for your operation.

Custom Recommendations

No group insights here. You'll receive custom recommendations and risk factors based on your results that determine your next steps.

Restore Balance To Your Water

Microbiome imbalances are the leading cause of disease and loss of production. Underpin system health by restoring microbial balance.

Comprehensive Insights

We provide insights into seven key areas: pathogen, probiotics, biodiversity, biofilters, cyanobacteria, algae, and parasites.

Get Ahead of Pathogen Outbreaks

Once you can see problems, it's too late. Understand what you can do to get ahead of disease outbreaks before it reaches critical mass.

Pathogen, Virus, and Phage Insights

Bacterial pathogens are just half the story. Get full insights into all causes of disease issues with viral and phage studies.

Uncover Underlying Reasons for Disease

Test and uncover fundamental causes of microbial imbalances, called dysbiosis, that leads to pathogen and disease outbreaks.

Address Root Causes, Not Symptoms

Take the guesswork out of what's causing problems in your system rather than wasting time and money on symptoms.

Snapshots of Health

Are you on the right track or headed for trouble? Boost microbiome resiliency for water and stock health.

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Data-driven insights for maximum peace of mind.

Next Gen Sequencing

X-ray vision for water. All the genetic material from your sample is sequenced using NGS technology, giving you the most complete and precise panel of all microbes present.

Quick, Easy & Fast

Sample collection kits make sampling quick easy and fast. Results can be ready for viewing in as little as 5 days after we receive your sample.

If It's There, We'll Find It

Includes Gram negative and positive bacteria, viruses, algae, phytoplankton, facultative microbes, and more.

Species Level Insights

View the genus and species of everything in your water sample, along with relative abundance, so you can pick out good species from bad.


Microbiome analytics is a very flexible technology with many different uses.
From biosecurity to optimising inputs, harness the power of microbiome insights today.

Early Disease Warning

Pinpoint key microbiome crashes that lead to disease outbreaks.

Diagnose mystery Ailments

Solve the mystery behind sudden crashes and disease.

Test Quarantined Stock

Screen for incoming stock for parasites and pathogens.


Get ahead of hitchhiker pathogens before it's too late.

Pathogen ID

ID pathogens, viruses, and phages.

Prep Water Before Growout

Post disinfection, make sure your water is set up for success.

Optimise Probiotics

Optimise your inputs for more cost savings.

Biofloc Insights

Are you growing toxic species? Contact us today to find out.

When Good Enough
Is Not Enough

Microbiome dynamics are far more complex that just 'millions of microbes'. Others offer a '1000 foot view' of the community structure, while we get right into the details.

Next Gen Sequencing gives you a clear ID of all the microbes in your water, including bacteria down to the species level. Our findings are specific and targeted.

It is vital to have a complete understanding of the microbiome otherwise the risk is very high of making things even worse by promoting a potentially pathogenic group of species and inhibiting the good ones.

Need expert eyes? True precision farming is just an ask away.


Luminis is best investment I’ve ever made in my business. The vast amount of insights I get into water related issues is invaluable. What Luminis can do is going to change everything in aquaculture. I can’t recommend them enough.

Kane McguinnCEO, Atlas Aqauculture

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