Disease begins and ends in water. Bad water quality, toxic build-up of ammonia and nitrites, and increased pathogen loads all contribute to poor production. We offer a range of microbiome and molecular innovative solutions so that we can identify the specific problem and then provide the targeted solution so you don't have to waste time or money on expensive guesswork. Discover the many uses of Next Gen microbiome intelligence below.

Address the root cause

Treat the cause, not the symptom. Without a fundamental understanding of disease outbreaks and lack of performance rather than stab around in the dark hoping to find an answer.

Comprehensive Insights

We provide insights into seven key areas of water health that drive disease or wellness in both water and stock.

Get Ahead of Pathogen Outbreaks

Once you can see problems, it's too late. Understand what you can do to get ahead of disease outbreaks before it reaches critical mass.

Snapshots of Health

Are you on the right track or headed for trouble? Boost microbiome resiliency for water and stock health with Water Intelligence Reports.

Re-Balance Your Water

Microbiome imbalances are the leading cause of disease and loss of production. Underpin system health by boosting beneficial microbial profiles.

Optimise Protocols

Tighten up your bottom line with optimised probiotics and disinfection protocols and diagnose biofilter issues.

Find Underlying Reasons for Disease

Test and uncover fundamental causes of microbial imbalances, called dysbiosis, that leads to pathogen and disease outbreaks.

Advanced Analytics

Looking for More? Beyond telling you 'who' is in the water, we can tell you 'what' the microbes are doing or not doing. Check out our Advanced Services for more information.

Take Me There

OUr range of microbiome INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONS

Discover our range of Next Gen Sequencing (NGS) based solutions for early disease detection, water quality risk management, and harmful algal blooms detection, offering you unparalleled and targeted insights into each unique sample.

Get the Next Gen Edge

Microbiome Intelligence Sent Direct to Your Mobile

Harness the power of Microbiome Intelligence with the Luminis App with essential insights delivered directly to your phone for better, more informed, and data-driven decision making.

Extract DNA On Site

Using our game-changing extraction kit, you can extract DNA from all types of samples from water to guts in a matter of minutes.

Fast Turnaround

Speedy on-site testing streamlines operations and the decision-making process. Cost efficient real time data ensures precise adjustments saving both time and money with shipping samples out.

ISO 9001 & ISO 13485

Each kit is fully validated and manufactured under ISO 9001 quality and ISO 13485 medical device standards.

Simple 1-2-3 Process

No need for expensive lab equipment or specialised training. With every kit you get all materials needed for DNA extraction and qPCR testing anywhere in the world.

Full Reporting

Get your results in an easy to interpret report directly on the platform.

Early Access

Register for early access to our Salmon Skin and Gills kit which tests for overall bacterial load and three additional pathogens.

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Luminis is the best investment I ever made in my business. What Luminis can do is going to change everything in aquaculture.

Kane McGuinn, CEO, Atlas Aquaculture

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