Disease, bad water quality, and mystery ailments can wipe out your entire stock.
We pinpoint problems early so you don't have to waste time or money guessing.

Early Disease Warning

Pinpoint key microbiome crashes that lead to disease outbreaks

Diagnose mystery Ailments

Targeted treatments save your bottom line

Test Quarantined Stock

Screen for parasites, pathogens, and nuisance hitchhikers

Track Water Health

"Snapshots of Health" so you can take action before it's too late

Pathogen ID

Both known and unknowns, including viruses

Waterbody Planning

Start off right by screening water before adding in valuable stock

Optimise Inputs

Quantify uptake and efficiencies to eliminate save money

Data Driven Solutions

We provide data-driven insights for maximum peace of mind.

Effect Image
Effect Image

Real Solutions
with real insights

Every pond or tank can have its own challenges. Whether you're farming fish or shrimp - Luminis has you covered. Our quick and easy sampling kits give you a full microbiome profile. Plus:


We provide data-driven insights for maximum peace of mind.

Next Gen Sequencing

X-ray vision for water. All the genetic material from your sample is fully sequenced, giving you the most complete and precise panel of all microbiome species present.

Quick, Easy & Fast

Easy sample collection and storage. Results are ready for viewing shortly after the sample is received.

Pathogen ID

Includes gram and negative bacteria, viruses, algae, phytoplankton, facultative microbes, and more. If it's there, we'll find it.


View the Genus and Species of everything in your water sample down to 0.22 microns in size, including relative abundance.

Hands on Your Own Data

Is your data safe?

Meet Jarvis

Fast. Secure. Built For You.

Jarvis is our own physical server. Your data is jailed. Not pooled or shared for 'group insights' and kept secure off the web.

When Good Enough
Is Not Enough

Microbiome dynamics are far more complex that just 'millions of microbes'. Others offer a '1000 foot view' of the community structure, while we get right into the details.

Next Gen Sequencing gives you a clear ID of all the microbes in your water, including bacteria. Our findings are specific and targeted.

It is vital to have a complete understanding of the microbiome otherwise the risk is very high of making things even worse by promoting a potentially pathogenic group of species and inhibiting the good ones.

Need expert eyes? True precision farming is just an ask away.


Luminis is best investment I’ve ever made in my business. The vast amount of insights I get into water related issues is invaluable. What Luminis can do is going to change everything in aquaculture. I can’t recommend them enough.

Kane McguinnCEO, Atlas Aqauculture

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