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Who We are

We're On A Mission

We are focused on delivering Next Gen microbiome and molecular solutions that underpin environmental sustainability and early disease prevention in aquaculture. 

From ponds to coastal water, we're on a mission to transform aquaculture and foster healthy ecosystems through cutting-edge microbiome and molecular technologies.

Our goal is clear: to keep our planet healthy, aquaculture disease-free, and to boost food security for generations to come.

What we offer you

Certainty. Stability. And Peace of Mind.

You have enough on your plate. Leave the microbiome to us. With our 'Sample to Answer' technologies, on-site PCR testing, and microbiome optimisation solutions, we have everything you need to unlock higher yields and revenue.

Say goodbye to questions and unknowns. Our solutions are designed to guide your decisions, help you manage risk, and boost productivity.


Are you struggling with mystery problems? Mortality events? Wanting to boost your yield? Or just get some answers?


From early disease detection to species-level insights, we offer a range of products and services designed to boost production, increase yield and revenue, and provide you with actionable insights.

Microbiome Profiling

One test. 6 key answers. And actionable insights. Get the only microbiome analysis service that backed by Next Gen Sequencing (NGS). Whether it’s ponds or tanks, count on our tests to guide your decisions and manage risks efficiently.

On-Site PCR Testing

Go from sample to answer in 1.5 hours with our complete system, which includes DNA field extraction in 5 simple steps and ISO medical grade quality. Data. In your hands. Assays now available with pre-designed targets for water quality testing and finfish skin and gills. 

Microbiome Sequencing

Looking to have your own samples sequenced? From water microbiomes, to guts and lesions, baselines and trendlines. Hire the experts to handle your sensitive samples. We offer metagenomics, functional analysis, and complete reporting.

Complete Microbiome Optimisation

Introducing complete microbiome optimisation with our Next Gen Precision Probiotics. Every pond and tank has its own microbial signature. So should your inputs. Say goodbye one-size-fits-all unsureness. And hello to custom formulations and optimised protocols for your tank or pond (not your neighbors) to deliver higher revenue and production.  

see what's possible with LUMINIS

Unlock 56% more growth and 81% more revenue with microbiome optimisation

If you’re not laser focused on the microbiome then you are likely leaving a lot of money in the water. Disease and pathogen problems all happen because of microbiome dysfunction. These billions of microbes drive every important chemical process needed for maximum productivity and health. 

Even if you haven’t had a major mortality event, your system could still be running at subpar levels. We developed complete system microbiome optimisation for both water and stock with our NGS-guided Precision Probiotics and Targeted Innoculants. Our two-prong approach is formulated for your farming modality and type of stock to unlock efficiency, and peace of mind. 


Luminis is the best investment I ever made in my business. What Luminis can do is going to change everything in aquaculture.

Kane McGuinn, CEO, Atlas Aquaculture

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