About Us

Luminis Water Technologies, a Singapore based startup, was picked by Asia Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit as one of the most exciting disruptors in the market. The company also recently won the Aquaculture Innovation Summit showcase, a distinction voted on by industry veterans and the general public. They are featured with IPI Singapore as a preferred tech partner for the aquaculture industry in SE Asia, and enjoy collaborations with Oxford Nanopore and Sea Green, among many others.

Led by CEO Rachelle Jensen, Luminis proprietary technology was originally developed for the non-profit organization Indigo V Expeditions, focused on understanding how the ocean is coping with climate change by characterising the ‘canary in the coalmine’ when it comes to ocean health: the microbiome. Over the course of eight years, the group developed the sampling strategies, kits, and equipment, DNA extraction and sequencing protocols, algorithms, and techniques used to analyse and derive valuable insights from large sets of metegenomic data, including their Nature Scientific paper which redefined how we view the microbiome in the Indian Ocean.


Luminis has a dedicated team of scientists and bioinformaticians and is backed by team of experts and Scientific Advisors including Associate Professor Federico Lauro, who is a world-leading expert in microbiome dynamics, bioinformatics, metagenomics and AI algorithm workflows.

Why Choose Us

Luminis seeks to take the aquculture industry to a new level of efficiency by providing a range of metegenomic products aimed at underpinning sustainability and early disease management. As world population grows, and pressure on aquaculture increases, Luminis offers precision farming  tools and AI driven predictive power to track trendlines, spot trouble signs early, and drive down operating costs with data-driven solutions. Focused on your success, Luminis is with you every step of the way.