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Optimal performance, pinpoint problems, and improve protocols with Next Gen Advanced Analytics.

Track Changes

Discover how microbiome shifts are linked to key events and what you can do to boost the right balance.

Monitor Baselines

Track probiotics, algae, biofilter, bacterial loads, pathogen loads, and much more from tank to tank.

Viral & Phage studies

Infections aren't just bacterial. Understand host interactions and bacteriophages that can cause mortality.

True Precision Farming

Take your operation to the Next Gen level with time series, trend lines, and baselines. 

We work with you to understand your system and the problem you’re facing. We then design a sampling strategy just for you, and we analyse the samples using Next Generation Sequencing and our proprietary bioinformatics pipelines specific to aquaculture.

You’ll gain valuable, specific answers and actionable steps to boost productivity and survival rates.

Metabolic Modeling

We examine biochemical processes and drivers, offering a systems-level understanding of health and productivity.

Functional Analysis

Uncover hidden reasons for disease with gene expression and molecular interactions and their contribution to health or disease.

Comprehensive Reports

Reports include deep dives into many key areas: Beneficial Bacteria, Algae, Toxic Algae, Ammonia, Nitrites, Pathogens, Virus/Phages, Vibrio Loads, Imbalances and much more.


Metagenomic sequencing allows us to unlock the keys to re-balancing microbiomes from guts to water to soil.

True Precision Farming

Empowering Aquaculture With Molecular Precision Tools

Explore cutting-edge advancements in microbial ecosystems from guts to ponds to tanks to enhance fish health, growth, and productivity.

How It Works

1. Book a Call

We meet with you to understand your system and objectives.

2. Sampling Design

We design a sampling strategy that addresses the problem at hand.

3. Ship Materials

We ship out the sampling materials you will need to complete the study.

4. Get Answers

We provide the results along with specific action recommendations.

Take Control of Your Operation

Map Metabolic Pathways

Better disease management

By understanding how microbes use nutrients for growth, energy, we can track who is carrying out what important chemical process. This results in the better use of feed, faster growth, and less leftover waste. Knowing these metabolic processes also assists in improving immune systems. This ultimately leads to stronger and more robust stock.


Find Main Driver of Disease

Pin-point the specific cause of mortalities

Whether it's a harmful microorganism, something that stresses the environment, or a lack of proper nutrients, understanding the main reason helps create customized plans. These plans could involve better protection methods, improved management of water quality, vaccination schedules, or changes to the diet. This specific strategy doesn't just lower mortality, it also boosts their overall growth.


Optimise Protocols

Save money with optimised protocols

One benefit of having optimized protocols in aquaculture is cost savings. When aquaculture operations implement efficient and well-optimized protocols, it leads to improved resource management, reduced wastage, and increased productivity. This translates to lower production costs and higher yields, allowing aquaculture businesses to save money on inputs, energy consumption, and overall operational expenses. By streamlining processes and maximizing output, optimized protocols contribute to a more economically sustainable and profitable aquaculture industry.


Track The Rise of Pathogens

Take action before its too late

Understanding the likelihood of a pathogen event in advance enables proactive measures. Preemptive actions like enhancing biosecurity, implementing surveillance, and developing targeted disease management strategies can be taken. This helps minimize the impact of the event and reduce economic losses.


Frequently Asked

Water Intelligence Reports give you information on one discrete sample and the information is sent via our Luminis app. Advanced Analytics gives you information on a group of samples taken over a certain amount of time, linked together so that we can understand how the microbiome is behaving over time or during the introduction of a product or input. The results from Advanced Analytics come in the form of very detailed reports.

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