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Luminis Water Technologies is an award-winning startup that offers an expert Next Gen microbiome analysis service and eDNA services for aquaculture and government agencies. The insights we provide help guide the management of disease, invasive species, and harmful algal blooms. With our expertise in microbiome water analysis, Luminis Water Technologies is dedicated to underpinning sustainability and biosecurity.

Luminis is a featured tech partner of IPI Singapore, exclusive Applications Partners with Oxford Nanopore Technologies, winners of the prestigious International Life Science Awards and the Singapore Business Awards 2023.

Luminis Water Technologies was recently picked by Asia Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit as one of the most exciting disruptors in the market. Luminis was recognized at SelectUSA as one of the top 9 startups vetted from over 40+ regions worldwide.   

Our Expertise

Luminis is led by CEO Rachelle Jensen, recently named CEO of the Year (Singapore) by APAC Insider. Over the course of the last ten years, Jensen led the development of microbiome analysis workflows used by Luminis today to provide metagenomic insights.
Jensen led Indigo V Expeditions, a worldwide citizen sailing organization that crowdsourced and sequenced ocean microbiome samples from around the world. Tech developed includes sampling strategies, DNA extraction, and sequencing protocols used by Luminis today to provide metagenomic insights.
The group was the first scientific team to characterise the microbiome across the Indian Ocean in their Nature Scientific paper which redefined how we view the marine microbiome.
Luminis Water Technologies has a dedicated team of scientists and bioinformaticians. They are backed by world-leading experts including Associate Professor Federico Lauro, expert in microbiome dynamics, bioinformatics, and machine learning.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower the aquaculture industry and government agencies with advanced Next Gen sequencing that promote  sustainability, disease management, and enhance biosecurity. With our innovative end-to-end solutions, from sample to insight, we are committed to delivering insights that help our clients make informed decisions and drive sustainability. 

From sample to insight, your one stop solution. 

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Popular Services

16s Amplicon Sequencing100%
Whole Genome Sequencing100%
Shotgun Sequencing100%
Server for the analysis of microbiome data

Data Privacy and Security

Meet Jarvis.

By owning and managing our own physical server, we ensure your data is safeguarded and not shared with anyone else.

Keeps Your Data Jailed.

Your data is securely jailed and not pooled for group insights, guaranteeing maximum privacy and confidentiality. You can trust that your data remains safe and secure, without risks that come from cloud services. 

No Group Insights Here

Your data is kept, safe, secure and off of clouds services for maximum security. 

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