Luminis Recognized as One of Top 9 Startups Globally

Rachelle Jensen, CEO Luminis Water Technologies, with United States Under Secretary of Commerce Marisa Lago

Luminis Clinches Top Prize at Select USA 2023

Luminis Water Technologies, a leading provider of innovative water treatment solutions, has been named as one of the top nine startups worldwide as reported by The Business Times at Select USA 2023. The event brought together investors and entrepreneurs from around the world to showcase the most promising startups and emerging technologies. The judges vetted startups from over 30 regions around the world, and Luminis Water Technologies stood out from the crowd.

Luminis Water Technologies is dedicated to developing sustainable water treatment solutions that address the challenges faced by aquaculture operations. By leveraging the latest advances in genome sequencing technology, the company has been able to create tailored solutions that are specifically designed to improve water quality, reduce disease outbreaks, and increase the efficiency of aquaculture operations.

The recognition by Select USA highlights the significant contribution that Luminis Water Technologies is making to the aquaculture industry. The company’s innovative approach to water treatment has the potential to revolutionize the way that aquaculture operations are managed, making them more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

“We are thrilled to have won this award and to be recognized as one of the top aquaculture and genome sequencing companies in the world,” said Rachelle Jensen, CEO of Luminis Water Technologies. “Our goal is to create solutions that not only improve water quality but also help to create a sustainable future for the aquaculture industry.”

The company’s innovative approach to water treatment has the potential to revolutionize the aquaculture industry and create a more sustainable future. 

Representatives from the Top 9 Startups vetted from 30+ regions worldwide announced at the Select USA plenary event.

Luminis Stands Out: Top Two of Singapore-based Startups

Of the nine companies that took top honours, two were from Singapore: Luminis Water Technologies and Krosslinker

Singaporean startups Krosslinker and Luminis Water Technologies emerged as winners of the 2023 SelectUSA Investment Summit startup pitching competition in the CleanTech and Regional categories, respectively.

The winning cleantech startups were part of the Singaporean delegation comprising more than 25 companies, from tech startups to small and medium enterprises to business investors.

Krosslinker and Luminis Water Technologies bested other international startups across pitching sessions by leveraging their innovative solutions to address different sustainability challenges.

Rachelle Jensen on the main pitching stage at Select USA 2023.

Microbiome analysis services are a key area of focus for Luminis Water Technologies. By studying the complex microbial communities that exist in natural water sources, the company is able to develop tailored treatment solutions that work in harmony with these natural systems. This approach is not only more effective than traditional water treatment methods, but it is also more sustainable, reducing the need for harsh chemicals and antibiotics.

The company looks forward to continued innovation.