Luminis Wins Singapore Business Awards 2023

Luminis Water Technologies Wins Singapore Business Awards

Innovation Recognized

Luminis Water Technologies has been named the Best Pathogen Detection Solutions Company in Singapore by APAC Insider Singapore Business Awards. This award recognizes the company’s exceptional contributions to the innovation of pathogen detection in aquaculture, which has established the company as a leader in the industry, and puts them one step closer to delivering on their vision. 

Luminis Water Technoloiges Mission Statement

Category Winners: Best Pathogen Detection
Solutions Company 2023

The Best Pathogen Detection category recognizes companies that have demonstrated excellence in the development of tech that leads the way for pathogen management solutions. 

Luminis Water Technologies is at the forefront of pathogen detection and water health treatment solutions. The company’s innovative solutions include the use of Next Gen microbiome analytics.

One of the key features of Luminis Water Technologies is their application of proprietary sequencing workflows and bioinformatics pipelines that deliver specific and key insights for the aquaculture industry and for governments looking to better manage invasive species in their waterways. 

Overall, the recognition of Luminis as the Best Pathogen Detection Solutions Company in Singapore is a testament to their excellence and dedication to the aquaculture industry. 

“We’re very honored to be recognized for our work in find solutions using our microbiome analytics pipelines,” Rachelle Jensen, CEO of Luminis, says. “I think winning this award speaks to the broader acceptance of how microbiome based innovations in aquaculture can really change the game, and we’re excited to be on the cutting edge of this technology.”