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Microbiome Sequencing for Aquaculture

Are you ready to revolutionize your aquaculture practices and propel your business into the future? Say hello to our microbiome sequencing for aquaculture service backed by metagenomics, the game-changer you’ve been looking for. Microbiome sequencing for aquaculture unlocks the microbial secrets and dynamics in your system to better understand the functionality so that you can optimise your system on a fundamental level.

microbiome sequencing for aquaculture

Welcome to the New Frontier of Precision Aquaculture Farming

Improve your understanding of water and stock health with our microbiome sequencing services. We offer a number of services to suit your needs from single sample sequencing to in-depth studies like time series to track trend lines and establish baselines.

We collaborate closely with you understand your system and the challenges you encounter. From there, we tailor a sampling strategy exclusively for your needs. Using Next Generation Sequencing and our custom-built bioinformatics pipelines tailored for aquaculture, we offer the only service specific for aquaculture microbes.

The result? You’ll receive precise insights and concrete steps to enhance productivity and increase survival rates.

Our Metagenomics Deliverables

Metagenomics sequencing is a powerful molecular biology technique used to study the genetic material of entire microbial communities. It’s the gold standard when it comes to microbiome profiling for aquaculture.

Unlike traditional sequencing methods that focus on individual organisms, or amplicon sequencing which only ‘reads’ a small snippet of the genome, metagenomics sequencing provides a holistic view of all the genetic material.

We offer detailed information into the following: bacteria, active bacteriophages, viruses, phages, fungi, parasites, Archaea. EHP, and all higher algae and microorganisms. Additionall, we provide detailed reports. Discover our extensive value-adds below.

Metabolic Modeling

We examine biochemical processes and drivers, offering a systems-level understanding of health and productivity.

Functional Analysis

Uncover hidden reasons for disease with gene expression and molecular interactions and their contribution to health or disease.

Water, Gut, and Sludge

From gut samples to lesions, to sludge, biofilm or water - we extract insights from all your samples to give you the most accurate and broad reaching information.

Microbiome Intelligence Report

Reports include deep dives into many key areas: Beneficial Bacteria, Algae, Toxic Algae, Ammonia, Nitrites, Pathogens, Virus/Phages, Vibrio Loads, Imbalances and much more.

Viral & Phage studies

Get key insights into active bacteriophages and viruses that can cause mortality. ​

True Precision Farming

Empowering Aquaculture With Molecular Precision Tools

Get deep genomic insights into the microbial ecosystems in your system - from guts to water - and unlock stock health and immunity, growth, and productivity.

Looking for metagenomics on single samples?

Ship Your your Samples To Us

Are you carrying out your own research? If so, our metagenomics service is tailor-made for you. Simply send us your raw sample, and we'll take care of the rest: extracting the DNA and conducting comprehensive metagenomics analysis on your behalf.

Sampling Kits Sent To You

Whether you're looking to take water samples, sludge, soil, gut, viruses, or lesions, we have everything you need to easily and quickly collect sterile samples that will be perfectly perserved for down stream metagenomic analysis.

Baselines and Trendlines - Time Series Deep Dives

Looking for more options for microbiome sequencing for aquaculture? Track microbiome shifts over time with precision using our advanced metagenomics workflow. With this service, we send you our microbiome sampling equipment, and you collect samples over a period of time. We then sequence the linked samples together, and complete a comprehensive analysis that shows us the intricate patterns and trends in microbial communities, providing invaluable insights for proactive decision-making. Whether it’s anticipating seasonal changes or identifying long-term trends, we empower you to stay ahead of the curve and optimize strategies for maximum yield.

How It Works

1. Book a Call

We meet with you to understand your system and objectives.

2. Sampling Design

We design a sampling strategy that addresses the problem at hand.

3. Ship Materials

We ship out the sampling equipment you will need to complete the study.

4. Get Answers

We provide the results along with specific action recommendations.

With us, you get meaningful data visuals and results

microbiome sequencing for aquaculture

Map Metabolic Pathways

Better disease management

By understanding how microbes use nutrients for growth, energy, we can track who is carrying out what important chemical process. This results in the better use of feed, faster growth, and less leftover waste. Knowing these metabolic processes also assists in improving immune systems. This ultimately leads to stronger and more robust stock.

microbiome sequencing for aquaculture

Find Main Driver of Disease

Pin-point the specific cause of mortalities

Whether it's a harmful microorganism, something that stresses the environment, or a lack of proper nutrients, understanding the main reason helps create customized plans. These plans could involve better protection methods, improved management of water quality, vaccination schedules, or changes to the diet. This specific strategy doesn't just lower mortality, it also boosts their overall growth.


Optimise Protocols

Save money with optimised protocols

One benefit of having optimized protocols in aquaculture is cost savings. When aquaculture operations implement efficient and well-optimized protocols, it leads to improved resource management, reduced wastage, and increased productivity. This translates to lower production costs and higher yields, allowing aquaculture businesses to save money on inputs, energy consumption, and overall operational expenses. By streamlining processes and maximizing output, optimized protocols contribute to a more economically sustainable and profitable aquaculture industry.


Track The Rise of Pathogens

Take action before its too late

Understanding the likelihood of a pathogen event in advance enables proactive measures. Preemptive actions like enhancing biosecurity, implementing surveillance, and developing targeted disease management strategies can be taken. This helps minimize the impact of the event and reduce economic losses.


Popular Optimisation Services

Inputs & Probiotics

Are your probiotic working? Our service monitors your inputs briefly, allowing you to identify underperforming products and adjust protocols for maximum returns.


Minimize feed wastage and optimize feed amounts based on Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) and microbiome impacts from incorrect feeding protocols.


Are you using ozone, UV, or chlorine? These DNA scramblers can harm the microbiome by eliminating beneficial bacteria. We help you enhance water health with optimize protocols.


AquaGENius results is sent to you via our Luminis app. With metagenomics, you will get a detailed Microbiome Intelligence report, plus the raw data and very detailed reporting down the species level. With linked samples collected with our equipment, we are able to give even more detailed information using multi-variate statistics and our proprietary workflows of so that we can understand how the microbiome is behaving over time.

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